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Mixing work and play: SGV's Networking Nights

Friday, June 12, 2015
SGV Marketing
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Every Thursday, SGV’s team heads out for a networking night where the entire office gets a chance to relax and mingle with each other. This weekly event provides an opportunity for our team members to not only have fun but to also utilize their time by networking with top performers, other CEO’s and managers. We’re often joined by managers and their teams from other offices in New York City and sometimes even by business trips.

Whether its a Karaoke Bar or a Sports Bar, our management makes sure we not only know how to work hard but to also enjoy ourselves while we do it.

At SGV we are always competing with our peers, inside and outside of the office. Be it trying to out do each other with our goals each week, a friendly game of pool, darts or even video games. Healthy competition is good for the soul.