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What's Been Happening in August at SGV Marketing!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
SGV Marketing
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August has been a busy month at SGV Marketing. Earlier this month we had the much anticipated trip to six flags where we were joined by a few other offices as well. Our team definitely had a great time!

The best part about August so far though has been the promotions. We had two promotions in mid-August, with Matthew Sbei getting promoted to Ownership and Connor Boyle to Assistant Management. Congratulations guys! Matthew is all set to open up his office in Philadelphia in early September this year.

The official promotions took place on a Saturday in our Times Square office location and we were graced by the presence of quite a few other offices and managers who showed their support. The celebration for Connor and Matthew took place later that night at our Manager’s house. A rooftop BBQ and party which was the perfect way to celebrate the success of both these hardworking and well-deserving individuals, was held. Once again we were joined by a large group of people from all over and other offices as well.

September once again holds a lot of new exciting things for us at SGV with the organization retreat coming soon!