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SGV announces expansion plans and upcoming activities

Friday, June 12, 2015
SGV Marketing
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Working from the heart of New York City in the busy hub of Times Square, SGV Marketing has recently announced its plans for expansion. June has been quite a busy month at SGV Marketing acquiring a new client and our assistant manager, Matthew Sbei spearheading the campaign. Congratulations Matt! SGV has also been quite busy with promoting entry-level individuals to corporate trainers every week!

Our CEO has great plans for the company in terms of future growth over the next few months and with also strengthening existing company structure and improving company performance as a whole.

Staying true to our motto as the “best place to work at,” June is also packed with fun Sunday rooftop BBQs, an upcoming trip to Six Flags with the office, weekly networking nights that mix both work and play and off course a whole lot of exciting new plans for team building!