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SGV Outlines the 7 Keys to Success at Work

Friday, September 04, 2015
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KEY 1: I Have a Positive Attitude! Learn what attitude is, what aspects of your life are controlled or directed by your attitude, how to determine your attitude at any given moment, and what specific strategies make a positive attitude a permanent habit in your life. 

KEY 2: I Believe in Myself! Understand the nature of human potential through a simple process of identifying your personal talents and abilities; developing academic strengths and personal interests to create personal fulfillment and economic opportunities for your future.

KEY 3: I Build Positive Habits! Understand the process of how habits are created. Learn to identify and remove self-defeating habits and create habits that will make all aspects of your life easier and more successful. 

KEY 4: I Make Wise Choices! Learn the dramatic relationship between any current circumstances in your life and the choices that created these circumstances. Develop a personal proactive plan for desired outcomes through conscious, wise choices.

KEY 5: I Set and Achieve Goals! Recognize the difference between a wish and a goal. Make a commitment, plan and take action, and recognize completion.

KEY 6: I Use My Creative Imagination! Extend your physical ability to accelerate problem solving and goal achievement in all areas of your life.

KEY 7: I Am Persistent! Track progress, develop the focus and determination required to succeed, create an attitude of gratitude as the access to fulfilling your dreams, and link the Seven Keys to Success together in everyday life.

Original Article by Bud Bilanich